5 tips for a perfect Paris elopement

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5 tips – how to plan a perfect Paris elopement

We have 5 insider tips for you to plan your perfect Paris elopement. So listen up if you are soon eloping to Paris or want to elope in Paris in the future!

We from the Paris Celebrants will guide you along if you need help planning your elopement in Paris. Just as we did with Catherine & Gryff. This sweet couple celebrated the perfect Paris elopement. And here we show you why and how you can create the same magic.

1. Start your Paris elopement day with a first look

Catherine & Gryff stayed in a beautiful and very Parisian hotel. They got ready there separately in the morning in order not to see each other. For the first look they were able to use the beautifully decorated music room. Doesn’t it look so romantic on the photos?

TIP: It’s crucial that you choose the right spot for your first look! You want to be quiet and intimate for this special moment – ideally just the two of you. So it’s great to ask your hotel if you can have a nice room just for a couple of minutes where you can have a private moment for your first look. If the room looks as gorgeous as the one where Catherine & Gryff had their first look even better!

Bride in Paris
Paris elopement first look
Parisian elopement hotel

2. Take wedding photos at the most scenic spots in Paris

After their first look Catherine & Gryff were heading to the most scenic spots in Paris to take their perfect Paris elopement photos. They chose the Eiffel Tower, Alexander III bridge, the Louvre Palace and a cute Parisian Café. Their super talented and experienced Paris elopement photographer Pierre Torset helped the couple create an itinerary with the most beautiful and scenic places in Paris.

TIP: Research online which scenic spots and locations in Paris you would like to include. Also ask your vendors for recommendations – especially your Paris elopement photographer. Because the spots for your perfect Paris elopement photos not only need to be beautiful. But also the itinerary has to make sense not to loose too much time in transportation. Also timing is crucial as some spots can easily be very crowded.

Eiffel Tower wedding
Eiffel Tower perfect Paris elopement
Trocadero wedding
Eiffel Tower vintage car
Louvre palace wedding
Louvre palace elopement
Louvre pyramid perfect Paris elopement
Louvre pyramid elopement

3. Get trusted vendors to help you make your Paris elopement perfect

Your day and experience eloping in Paris will widely depend on the wedding vendors you hired. The are the experts, know Paris well and can guide you with their advice, experience and passion. We are so happy that Catherine & Gryff trusted The Paris Celebrants to officiate their elopement ceremony – the core moment of their Paris wedding day.

Also look at their gorgeous photos that they will treasure forever to remember their perfect Paris elopement day. So you need a great photographer. Catherine & Gryff have also chosen: a great makeup and hair artist, a vintage car chauffeur to drive therm around Paris and to use the car for their elopement photos, a florist for their wedding flowers…

TIP: We at The Paris Celebrants are always happy to help you find great Paris elopement vendors that you can trust. Just ask your celebrant for the contacts you need. Feel free to also check our page with Paris wedding tips and recommended vendors.

Paris wedding flowers
Alexander III wedding
Alexander III elopement
Parisian Cafe wedding vintage car
Parisian Cafe elopement
Romantic wedding Paris

4. Find an intimate spot for your elopement ceremony

It is very important to find a good location for your elopement ceremony in Paris. It has to be of course a beautiful spot. And Catherine & Gryff really wanted to have a view on the Eiffel Tower. But it also needs to be a rather quiet spot so that you can enjoy a quiet and undisturbed moment for your Paris elopement ceremony. Catherine & Gryff asked our wonderful Paris officiant Caroline from The Paris Celebrants for advice. She suggested this beautiful and intimate park not far from the Eiffel Tower. It was the perfect spot for Catherine & Gryff to share an intimate moment with their loved ones. And to celebrate their Paris elopement ceremony looking at the Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel Tower park
Paris celebrant elopement
Perfect Paris elopement ceremony
Paris wedding ceremony
Paris elopement ceremony
Perfect Paris Eiffel Tower elopement
Paris officiant ceremony
Paris intimate wedding

5. Celebrate your wedding day in Paris

It does not matter if it’s only the two of you eloping to Paris. Or if your closest friends and family joined you on this little adventure getting married in Paris. But you definitely need to celebrate! Paris is not only the city of love but also the capital of great food, champagne and wine. So this cannot miss on your perfect Paris elopement day.

TIP: There are so many ways to celebrate your elopement in Paris. You can reserve a table at a chic restaurant or more casual at a Parisian Cafe or casual Brasserie. This way you can head for brunch or lunch right after your ceremony. Catherine & Gryff decided to do the most Parisian thing you can do: Picnic in a Parisian park.

Perfect Paris elopement picnic
Paris wedding picnic
Paris celebrants Eiffel Tower

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Photo: Pierre Torset Paris Photographer
Celebrant: Caroline from The Paris Celebrants
Venue (Getting ready & first look): Hôtel Caron de Beaumarchais
Video: Paris videographer
Photo locations: Eiffel Tower – Trocadéro, Alexander III bridge, Louvre Pyramid & Palace, Parisian Cafe (no matter, there are so many cute ones!)

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