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Your ceremony in Paris

As officiants in Paris we create, write and perform a romantic and personal ceremony for your special celebration: Your wedding in Paris, elopement in Paris and vow renewal in Paris. Your ceremony is the core of your wedding celebration and should therefore represent the two of you – two unique personalities bound together by love and excited to make your personal promises.

Approach of The Paris Celebrants

The Paris Celebrants is a team of English-speaking officiants who will craft a romantic and personal ceremony just for the two of you. We are also happy to guide you through the different stages of planning your ceremony: choice of ceremony location, planning your timeline and providing tips and recommendations if needed. We’ll be in touch from our first email until your wedding day and are always here to listen and help!

Paris elopement wedding destination

Paris is our beloved hometown and we are proud to welcome our couples in the city of love for their wedding, renewal of vows or elopement in Paris. It may be your first visit to Paris, you may not speak the language or know the places to be. Our team of The Paris Celebrants can help you and share with you what you need to know when eloping in Paris: the most beautiful, most intimate or most romantic outdoor ceremony locations, the best timeline for your elopement in Paris, and many more insider tips!

Symbolic Paris elopement ceremony

It is important to mention that as wedding celebrant in Paris or wedding officiant in France we can only perform a symbolic ceremony for you according to French marriage law. That means that we are completely free in creating your romantic and personal wedding or elopement ceremony – your unique love should be celebrated with a unique celebration! It also means that you need to get a quick legal/civil registration in your home country in order to make your marriage legally binding before or after your elopement in Paris.

Golden Gate Paris elopement

Paris elopement locations

Typically we celebrate your elopement or vow renewal ceremony in Paris at a public outdoor location. There are so many many places in Paris that are gorgeous and a good fit to officiate your ceremony there. These elopement locations are free of charge and we don’t need to book them in advance as they are public locations.

That also means we cannot privatize them, so there will be other people around. In order to avoid big crowds and the noise and busyness that comes with it, as celebrants in Paris we usually schedule our ceremonies in the early morning hours – without a doubt the best moment for an intimate and romantic Paris ceremony celebration.

1. Eiffel Tower elopement locations

The most famous and iconic building in Paris is for sure the Eiffel Tower. Therefore many couples want to get married at the Eiffel Tower, because it symbolizes love and romance. Here are our favorite elopement ceremony spots at the Eiffel Tower:

2. Iconic locations + Parisian architecture

Paris is also famous for its beautiful and elegant architecture: From the Louvre palace over the elegant Alexander III bridge and Golden Gate to authentic Parisian streets and squares. Also if you want a wedding blessing, religious or spiritual touch for your Paris elopement or vow renewal ceremony, there are also a few churches that can be a nice backdrop.

3. Romantic gardens + elegant parks

There are so many romantic gardens and elegant parks in Paris, that really work well if you are looking for an intimate and quiet ceremony for your elopement or vow renewal in Paris. Here are some of our favorite locations:

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