3 tips for your Eiffel Tower elopement

Eiffel Tower elopement

1. Get up early for your Eiffel Tower elopement

An Eiffel Tower elopement is what many couples eloping to Paris are dreaming of. However as the Eiffel Tower is the most famous sight in Paris, it is also one of the busiest locations in Paris. It gets very busy and crowded – especially on weekends and when the weather is great.

So the only way to enjoy an intimate moment for your Eiffel Tower elopement you need to get up early. Our team of The Paris Celebrants usually schedules Eiffel Tower elopements very early in the morning. Because that is the only time of day when we can beat the crowds.

The best moment for your Eiffel Tower elopement is sunrise. Because the area is as quiet and empty as it gets. Also at sunrise you have the most beautiful light for wedding photos.

Eiffel Tower ceremony

2. Choose a great outdoor ceremony location

First of all great news: You do NOT need to reserve or pay for an outdoor ceremony location at the Eiffel Tower! Public locations are free of charge, We can simply show up and marry you at the Eiffel Tower.

Now you just need to choose your favorite Eiffel Tower elopement location!

As a team of experienced officiants in Paris we know all the great spots for Eiffel Tower ceremonies. Just let us know what you are looking for: As quiet as possible? The most scenic view? A spot with greenery and flowers? We would be happy to help you choosing the perfect spot for your ceremony.

Trocadero wedding photo

3. Take wedding photos at the Eiffel Tower

Don’t miss out on wedding photos when you elope at the Eiffel Tower. You can have them taken before or after your Eiffel Tower ceremony. And they are such a romantic and beautiful keepsake of your wedding day in Paris.

We often work with wedding photographers that we trust and highly recommend. Feel free to have a look at them. As we often work together coordination of your Eiffel Tower photo shoot and Eiffel Tower ceremony would be as simple and easy as it gets.

Photos: Timeless Paris Photography, Jacques Mateos

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